Alfie Deyes, The Scrapbook of My Life


Alfie Deyes Scrapbook of My Life
As you may have seen, popular YouTuber Alfie Deyes published his third book, “The Scrapbook of My Life” last week! We were so excited about it that here in the Blink offices we decided to have a scrapbook party, complete with cake and all of our favourite party food! (beer not included)

Since our celebratory party, Scrapbook of my life has had over 160 five star reviews on Amazon, and is currently number 1 in the humour chart (followed by the Pointless books 1 and 2!)

 Some of the lovely reviews: 

‘I love this book so much and read it in two and a half days. I could just not put it down. Would give Alfie 1 trillion stars if it was possible for all that he has achieved. So proud!’  Amazon reviewer

‘I loved this book I don't normally enjoy books but this book is really good I couldn't stop reading and reading this book. I liked all the pictures and stories off when Alfie was little brilliant book!! well done Alfie very happy xxxx can't wait for the app’ 

‘Brilliant book, it's so nice that the book has been released when we have watched how hard Alfie has worked to create it. Alfie should be very proud and I am 100% happy with my purchase! Thank you’ 

‘Absolutely AMAZING!!!! well done Alfie for such a great book xx highly recommend this to everyone even if you don't know who Alfie is you will after this and will love him as much as us in the pointless gang xx’ 

‘Absolutely amazing book, I literally cannot put the book down!💖’ 

Twitter seems to be pretty happy too!

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