Here at Kings Road Publishing, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine while it was around, and a few members of our team got their heads together to organise THE GREATEST SPORTS DAY OF ALL TIME. Harry Potter in theme, we were divided into the 4 teams, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

We were then sent off to practice our Quidditch skills, as well as deciding who would be competing in the remaining games. This included: Pictionary, giant Jenga, relay, obstacle race, egg and spoon race, and a cake baking competition for the more creative among us.

After a ferocious battle throughout the day between all of the houses, which involved minimal cheating and maximum competitiveness, the final Quidditch match arrived - Slytherin versus Gryffindor.

After an intense battle, where previously unknown competitive streaks were unearthed, the winners were announced - as documented in our very own Daily Prophet:

It was an awesome day. The sun was shining and there was plenty of fun to go around.

And check out the winner of the cake competition! We think it's pretty impressive... 

We're already looking forward to next year! 

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