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Now that January is over and a month of trying to do your new year resolutions is out the window, you can now buy some books to treat yourself. It's worth it, trust me!  

We've got some exciting books coming out in the next few months! A biography, cookbook and a memoir - a book for everyone!

TV and radio presenter Kate Garraway has a lot on her mind. She's about to turn 50, which is fine (she thinks) but suddenly she seems to have MANY questions about EVERYTHING. Is she running out of time? Should she have had children earlier? How will she cope when they leave home? What on Earth is happening to her body? Should she be bungee jumping, skydiving... and all of those other bucket list type things? Is cosmetic surgery the norm now? 

And why, oh why, do her knickers keep getting bigger?

Vegan chef Sam Murphy (@sobeautifullyreal) shares her vegan creations in new cookbook So Beautifully Real.  All of the recipes are inventive and tasty twists on classic hearty meals.  They are simple to prepare and much better for you than the dirty originals. With over 100 recipes, the book will take you through the day from breakfast to dinner. It includes recipes for banoffee pie porridge parfait, chickpea and apricot salad, beet and blackbean burger, macaroni and cheese, peanut nutter jelly slice and much more, using only vegan ingredients that allow you to enjoy a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet while eating the food you really want.

Barbara O'Hare was admitted to Aston Hall psychiatric hospital when she was 12- years-old. She hoped to find sanctuary there, but instead was subjected to relentless sexual and physical abuse by Dr Milner, its head physician. Forty six years on, in an attempt to come to terms with her past, Barbara is now spearheading a campaign through private Facebook group ‘Survivors of Aston Hall’, to bring victims together in their search for answers of how this came to pass and was kept secret for so long.  Their efforts have led to a major police investigation and a meeting at the Houses of Parliament to have their story heard. 

Don't they all sound amazing? 

You don't need to say it, we know you'll be pre-ordering the books right away! ;)

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