Sorry Bro! by Ben Phillips


Facebook phenomenon, comic genius, king of viral videos - Sorry Bro! is the first book from Ben Phillips. 

We've all seen Ben's pranks from locking Elliot in a portable toilet and dumping him in a river to super gluing high heels to Elliot's feet - Sorry Bro! is an extension of Ben and Elliot's story, featuring exclusive pranks, comic strips, guides to creating your own videos and much more!

The book follows the boys from their discovery on Facebook through each milestone of their following (100,000 followers and then 1 million and beyond), told in a fun, illustrated story that plays with the audience, asking them to have fun with the pages and interact as they would online.

Ben announced the book in a vlog below and Elliot's not too happy about it...

The book is currently on number two on the Amazon best seller list and Ben can't actually believe it!

Make sure you get a signed copy (even Marge has one!) by clicking on the link below. 

Out on 3rd of November, Sorry Bro! is one not to be missed!

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