Day at the Printers


Here at Blink Publishing we are book loving folk. Recently a few of us were offered the opportunity to visit Clays Printing based in East Anglia, to see what goes on behind the scenes at the book printers who print many of our titles. Clays has been around since the 1880s! It's been slowly expanding since.

The day started off with a long train journey, which was unfortunately subjected to severe delays. You can see how happy we were about this:

When we finally arrived we grabbed lunch, and then started our tour of the factory.

Firstly, the covers go through a colour match service, to ensure that each cover stays the same. The covers are then printed on large sheets of paper before being trimmed down into individual covers.

We watched the process of the pages being printed - the pages are printed on large sheets, before being folded into appropriate shapes.

These are various stages of the printing process. As you can image, Clays get through a lot of paper!

Once the books are packaged, they're shrink wrapped: 

The books are then processed into storage by robots, check out how big the storage is!

And here we are in all of our protective gear glory:

Going to Clay's was a great experience, we definitely know more about books than we did before!

Happy reading!

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