Boris Becker and the Table Tennis Table


Just sometimes, pretty exciting things happen here at Blink Publishing. This week was one of those times. The legend that is Boris Becker, three times Wimbledon tennis champion and Novak Djokovic's coach came in to sign some copies of his book 'Boris Becker's Wimbledon' (signed copies available here, in case you were interested).

Here he is, signing in action:

Boris is a friendly fellow, and after an hour of grueling signing, he kindly agreed to engage in a friendly table tennis match with our very own editor - Joel Simons.

Here is Joel, the lucky opponent of Boris himself:

A keen table tennis player, Joel has been practicing religiously for this moment. 

It was an intense game. Points were scored by both sides, and there were some excellent action shots from both. 

Spectators present at the match tweeted their thoughts, with Joel proudly proclaiming that he'd ticked something off his bucket list.

Upon completion of the match, Simons said: 
“Once I got into the rhythm, it was really, really great tennis.”

If you'd like to read more on Boris Becker's spectacular Wimbledon wins, Boris Becker's Wimbledon is out now, RRP £25 (Blink Publishing) 

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